DaVinci Resolve16.2.3がリリース


DaVinci Resolveの16.2.3のアップデートがリリースされています。


What’s new in DaVinci Resolve 16.2.3
Support for Dolby Vision 4.1 CM algorithm to generate v2.9 trims from v4.
Option to export a Dolby Vision v2.9 XML from a v4 project.
Support for RED SDK 7.3.2.
Faster Metal decoding for Canon EOS-1D X Mark III and EOS R5 clips.
Addressed incorrect playback for some ARRIRAW clips.
Addressed an issue with ACES IDTs for some ARRI MXF clips.
Addressed a focus and text entry issue for editable media pool fields.
Addressed an issue rippling audio extend edits in trim mode.
Addressed display issues with track and edit index in Fairlight page.
Addressed a layered editing issue when cloning audio clips.
Addressed incorrect behavior moving tracks over linked audio tracks.
Addressed incorrect masking in Text+ when using image shading.
Addressed incorrect behavior deleting gradient points in inspector.
Addressed multiple issues with blank Fusion previews.
Addressed an issue persisting viewer LUTs with comps in Fusion page.
Addressed an issue with offline reference wipe sizing in the viewer.
Multiple performance and stability improvements.