D16 Group Repeater 〜 多種多様なディレイを搭載したプラグイン


D16 Group社の「Repeater」を紹介します。

このRepeaterはどうやらD16 GroupとSlate Digital社の共同開発プラグインのようです。





Cassette Tape – A model of an early 80’s Japanese cassette tape deck. We’d call this one mid-fi

Coopy Cube – An early 70’s delay originally made from a garden hose! Great for short delays to add depth, also with stereo Spread option.

Digital 42 – One of the most famous modern digital delays, this one has a uniquely early digital tone with a touch of graininess and a slight scoop. Great for guitars and vocals.

Digital 42 x 2 – The double option on the Digital 42, it halves the sample rate for an extremely unique lo-fi tone that is great on vocals, guitars, and drums.

Digital Delay – A hi resolution digital delay. Use Repeater’s filters and Color to customize the tone.

DM-2 – An early bucket brigade analog delay with a warm and rich tone. Amazing on guitars and synths.

Mellow Delay – A smooth, subdued delay that is based on several vintage analog topologies.

Memory Guy – Lush analog delay with fat vintage tone.

Mirky Delay – Based on early bucket brigade analog delays, it is dark and thick. Great as a special effect delay or thickener when used with the Spread option.

New Radio – Delay tone with FM radio style scooped hi-fi tone. Try it on vocals.

Old Radio – Delay tone with AM radio style grainy lo-fi tone.

Pitchy Delays – (3 models) – Delays with slight pitch modulations for extremely spatial and deep effects. Sounds great when both delay lines are set to the same time creating a chorusing mono effect. These can also be used with tight delays with Spread option for widening and thickening effects.

Plexy Echo – Based on an old 70s tape delay unit. It’s fat tone, which sounds great on vocals guitars and even drums.

Space Delay – Based on the famous magnetic tape delay with warm and gritty tone. A classic on guitars.

Tape Delay Ancient – An extremely old 1940’s style tape delay tone.

Tape Delay Classic – Early 60’s style tape delay.

Tape Delay Modern – Hi-fi tape delay with warm and lush tone.

Tape Delay Vintage – 70’s style tape tone, slightly grainy but warm.

Telephone 1 – Lo-fi telephone tone, great for special effects or used as an insert on vocal or even full mix.

Telephone 2 – Another lo-fi telephone tone with slightly different frequency and distortion tone.

TelRay – The analog delay classic made original from a tuna can. Beautifully lo-fi with a rich tone that is perfect for guitars.




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